EP. 38 Distractions

What’s new, no really? What’s going on in the world today? 🙂 Well, let me explain to you what has been going on – on the other side. Wow! That was a funny way to start this message. lol Anywho, what was the base to your decision to receive or not receive the vaccine? Do […]


My sincerest condolences to the family of Tameeka Brown, Dequan Moore, Ant Johnson and lil Eve Moore…may they receive justice and healing. Lets all work on normalizing proactive behavior when there’s a known case of toxic relationships…also remembering that the what if hurts just a equal in my heart. I’ve experienced the love, the loss […]

Ep. 11 The FIGHT or FLIGHT

RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK: You ever have one of those days where your just like FucCc-off, FucCc-you, FucCc-me, FucCc us, it, them, this, that, FucCc Everything?????? So, You survived what you thought would brake you…well now straighten your crown and move forward like the Queen or King that you are. Any true Queen that has […]