I will be changing the format of the show to better fit the followers that I have. This way I would be able to address topics in greater detail. From what I have observed, was that the snippets of information could go into a shorter podcast and the deeper more intellectual conversations could be a […]

Ep. 16 Optimization and Inspiration

Sunny Black!  Entrepreneur, Husband, Father and Mentor who happens to be black! In business for over 10 years in various avenues of the business world. Successful, owner of 4 successful businesses and private investor to other projects that support the growth and unity of professional brotherhood. Todays episode we will discuss Entrepreneurship, Business Start-up Motivation […]

Ep. 11 The FIGHT or FLIGHT

RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK: You ever have one of those days where your just like FucCc-off, FucCc-you, FucCc-me, FucCc us, it, them, this, that, FucCc Everything?????? So, You survived what you thought would brake you…well now straighten your crown and move forward like the Queen or King that you are. Any true Queen that has […]