Ep. 10 A Step Along The Way

Don’t forget 10am, $25.00 Amazon Gift 09/30/2020 card will be given to the first person that DM me on IG with 10 sentences of what they liked about each episode because they have listened since introduction.

Ep. 9 Every Good Business Has a Plan.

In this episode I have discussed different ways for you to prepare your business plan. No one plan is the perfect plan unless it is the perfect plan for your business specifically.

I have also included in this episode a request for support for our community within. I have several ideas how we could still service the persons that will not be able to congregate with their families this coming holiday season. By myself, I could only help a few…but as a team, we could help many more. I will be posting this information on my Facebook Networking page “KarimahSpeaks” . Look for the Karimah Speaks podcast logo.