Respect The United States, when the US did not respect themselves???

No other country seems to respect the United States. Look at the way we carry ourselves. We carry ourselves like a whore. Being brought and sold for pennies on the dollar. Our greatest asset? The Human Race! The human race has been more expendable than the elastic in some old school “Tighty-Whities”. Fellas, y’all know they did not hold up. They used to get all loose and warped. How many pairs did you go through??? Just kidding on the response.

There is no respect given to the country that allows themselves to be used by every other country. No country respects the country who allows other countries to infiltrate their entire democracy for the sake of greed.

Comparably, America has been in 45 different relationships and we are not married to a process yet? The two party system still exist today which I feel it is the basis for racial segregation and separation. Notice more so now, then before; everyone is screaming the request to support and acknowledge their race and their struggles. I don’t say that devalue the request but only to mention that if there wasn’t constant ignoring, negative or derogatory comments of others existence and culture, then people wouldn’t have felt the need to retaliate and in some cases violence.

Prime example, our last president was showing clear traits of being or influenced by narcissistic tendencies. This was projected amongst America. This behavior has awaken the dormant emotions by way of triggers. When a narcissist leaves the relationship (as the president had to leave the Whitehouse) they leave you feeling of a way that you want to lash out and possibly retaliate. Most Americans would like to do more than what they did, but have settled out of fear for the remainder of life here in America.

So, what did the hurt people do when they didn’t have enough time to heal??? They picked the Ex-Boyfriend! He tried to become the democratic candidate in 1988 and again with OBAMA in the 2008 election. Although I love his persistence…did we fall involve with his potential or we settled for the lesser of two evils.

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