Sunny Black! 

Entrepreneur, Husband, Father and Mentor who happens to be black!

In business for over 10 years in various avenues of the business world. Successful, owner of 4 successful businesses and private investor to other projects that support the growth and unity of professional brotherhood.

Todays episode we will discuss Entrepreneurship, Business Start-up Motivation , How many multiple streams of income is the correct amount in order to be considered successful and his recommended, and mindset you must acquire in order to be successful. Definitely listen to find out how many streams of income is the right amount to have in order to be successful.

My review during the time when the establishment was first opened and his consistency has allowed this business to become what it is today! This can be found on Facebook: Karimah Speaks

During a time, I have gone to Sunny for advice in the industry, when I opened Club IMAH (Saturdays was for adults)…in Frankfort of Philadelphia, PA.

This brother is authentic, I alluded that our people always hold on to information out of greed or envy and he was completely transparent with me that “ He enjoys the educational process in order to enhance the knowledge of his fellow brothers and sisters, withholding information is selfish and simply unproductive.” and that is the mission of the show.

To assist the lives of others through the passion of obtaining various perspectives for every day experiences all the while bridging the gap of information to unite a community of helpers to support various causes.

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Since he is willing to share his knowledge with anyone who would like to know…

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