EP. 15 Got it from Ma Mama

Simply because knowledge alone in a box does nothing for the world around it.” -KARIMAH S.

You can’t choose your family. Your born in to a family and thats your family. DASSIT….LOL

You all relate because you all are relatives, not necessarily because you actually have something in common.

It is a shame that WE must force ourselves to build relationships with people simply because we are related.

I feel this is the beginning of building unhealthy relationships. 

Think about it, what if they never have gotten it addressed (they may not know they have a illness or maybe they have accepted it as their norm) but  they have children…

What do you think their children could grow up behaving like? 

This will have to be a sequel, there is just too much information out there to validate and support the truth that needs to be told to our children. Everyday, I am trying to be the best mother I can be, so any information I can share to further help you meet your goal of happiness and peace, I will continue to share all the inside I receive.


Karen tells her kids this shit too, because dad verbally abusing her and possibly physically and she tells the kids not to say anything to anyone, including the people they should never lie to about anything.

Rafi the dad forces the oldest child to assume entrepreneurial responsibilities from childhood…

Renee the Aunt, because she’s not really related … 

David the baby sitter is the good boy from the neighborhood …

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