Managing personal finances during coronavirus (COVID-19) is not as personal as we may think. Especially since it has been an increase of job loss, increase of unemployment, increase in stress and not to much has decreased except your life expectancy. Something has to be done, but until then; we must hold on.

Congratulations on 35 Years of Continued Success!!!!

Meanwhile, I have decided to ask Tarez Williams Assistant Vice President Multi-Site Branch Manager of Citizens Bank**, Wilmington DE to speak on my podcast. Tarez Williams is currently celebrating 35 years of success in banking. With Tarez being extremely knowledgeable in the financial industry, who has taken the time to answer a few of the questions that you all have been submitting to my DM etc.

Tarez is located in Wilmington DE, where she has expressed you may reach out to her or any of her staff with any banking questions you may have along with further information to have her facilitate your next educational financial event.

***This show was not endorsed or supported by Citizens Bank or Affiliates