Ep. 8 You Looking At ME???

Find your target and don’t prejudge your target…Lets Talk

Always be looking…lets not worry about the verb to be

Always look for your target because you don’t know who would like to purchase your product or service. Remember the WH-words of English (Who, What, When, Where, Why and sometimes How. This way in a conversation maner you would be able to gather all your answers.

Teachers, are we not allowed to verbally give real life examples of how this information from text books applies to real life so that someone can become relevant?

Remember, you HOW and WHERE are relative because how you gain your customers and where you find your customers are considered your target audience.

2 Types of business owners

  1. Where your an exsisting business. you already have a customer base and you would like to expand your business digitally.
  2. You do not have an existing brick and mortar business. You only exist cyber-ly. Your branding approach and customer base is international already and therefore your visual and wirtten skills become your foundation by way of your brand that the customer will gravitate towards.

“AA Message for everyone is a message for no one at all” -KARIMAH SPEAKS

Helpful Tip: Know yourself and your business goals before you try to identify your market. You do not want to lose yourself trying to accommodate everyone.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 8 You Looking At ME???

    1. Absolutely. knowing yourself is key because there will be different strategies, techniques and rejections that they will have to stand firm and overcome. Could you elaborate more on people getting lost within themselves?


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