The topic of today show is going to be about YOU!!! Finally something about you…for YOU!!!

Recommendation of the Week:

Start Today… with choosing yourself. What it means to choose yourself is without being selfish. The word I like to use for this self less. Because It’s about being humble, understanding and compassionate for YOURSELVES. Learn to forgive yourself so that you can begin to get out of your own way.

Let’s speak to the approach:

If manipulation is your tactic what’s your plan when you no longer have to manipulate?

This works for the short term …I get it, what about the long-term?

What is your goal?

That I buy one photo from you today and never again or is your plan to always refer you new business and stay a continued customer for other projects?

Do you want to build loyal customers???

Notice all the businesses that are not doing significantly well during the pandemic.

The reason is, because they will support you no matter what.

look at it like this: Manipulation will work if the incentive is high enough to mitigate the risk.

So what is your angle on trying to identify your target?

From a financial/business perspective, you have to factor in materials, materials loss. because not everybody wants you to paint their face in a cartoon way but you have to try, right?

“Did you know”

Before I even get into this I want to tell you guys not to look so distracted that you cause an accident.

Did you know that they built walls on the expressway to reduce the sound of daily traffic?

Tech savvy

Depending on the type of business you want, you were decide on which step would apply to the marketing plan you want for your business.

Always consider that opposing action to your initial action!!!!

In technology I would encourage anyone thinking of starting any business that they should have a presence on the Internet.

Think of it like this room wasn’t built in a day right so your website or your social media is not going to wake up with 1 million followers in all of this content that has been pre-fill you have to grow into it.

OK first, I understand your why.

Your approach determines a lot. Like if you collaborate or not, if you delegate a task or fight outsourcing like that post on Instagram where the owner was complaining of receiving too much business instead of getting an assistant or outsourcing a part of their business.

Then decide on your strategy “your how” and then set the most realist budget you knowledgeably can. This is to your benefit! And then execute your marketing plan.

Speaking Financially

Not the “the what”.

what kind of business?

what kind of product?

What kind of advertising?

What kind of people will you hire?

What kind of…you get it.

“The What” is going to help you market what it is that you are marketing.

Your initial thought should be the WHY.

You ask how do you do that?

Creating your why is understanding the motivation behind your mindset. The passion and the vision of accomplishing what your setting out to do.

This is the most important aspect of building your brand because this is what your customers are going to gravitate towards.

We make assumptions about the world and the way it works based on the things that are around us.

You can’t make a solid decision on a maybe. -KARIMAH SPEAKS

“your perceived truth is how you operate”. -Karimah Speaks

The Wh-words of English are Who what when where why and sometimes how. They aren’t just an English expression use to ask questions. It is the mindset and structure to how you start your business.

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They were In no specific order but I will go over each and every part of this process in episode seven speaking of financially part two.

I look forward to Speaking with you next Wednesday.