This episode is about toxic relationships and political alliances. How to recognize some of the signs and a helpful tip on how to get out of the situations that “WE THE PEOPLE” are affected by.

The Thought

What I want right now

Is to be able to go over his house

What I want right now

Is to be able to walk in

Before he awakes

Cook him breakfast

He finds me in the kitchen


In my lace booty shorts and a bra

With Heals on

He comes up behind me

Softly tilt my head back while kissing on myneckk

Putting his hands in all the right places.

Somehow the food will be doneQ

He picked me up and laid me on the table to eat me for breakfast

We have switched places and I’m eating sausage for my breakfast

I don’t know how my hands began grabbing the counter for support

While I’m being deep thrusted from being with his hands on my hips…

As he leans forward I n the middle of one of his deepest strokes

He kisses my back causing me to arch up and take the pressure…

We ended up on the floor

Now he’s on top of me

Holding my ass up off the floor with on hand and choking me with the other

I wanted his attention…

He then lays on top of me’Still holding my ass in his hand and stroking me

While kissing me with soft bites on my nexk

Then we rolled over for me to be on top…

As i’m riding his hardness,

He’s grabbing my hips and making me ride close.

Staring me in my eyes and bitting his bottom lip saying damn girlQ

Then he sits up and we begin kissing

He’s stroking forward and caressing my back.

We feel like we are sliding past each other

We are drenched in sweat…

He slides his hands up my back

Holding on to mu shoulders

Forces all f his inches inside…